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It's what you look at

This week...
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This community is run by Nick and William. Here's how it works:

Every week we choose two random topics and post them. You get to use google image search or whatever search you use to find random pictures with these two keywords. You can do one or the other or whatever. It can also be related to those words but not necessarily those words, if you're tired of the same stupid Bela Lugosi images everyone else commented with. But you take these pictures and you post them as a comment to the entry with the keywords we post. We all get a kick seeing what each other found, what we have found in common, what fuckin rocks, and what blows ass.

Try not to blow ass. As long as it's not intentional we won't ban you or anything like that.

OK. For those who don't know how to do it and are too goddam lazy to read FAQs, heres how you post images:
<**img src=http://...image.whatever.com/yourmomnaked.jpg"**>
Take that code, remove the asteriscs (** <-- those things, if i spelled it wrong), and in place of the html address I made up, put the address for an image. not a website, an image. that will post the image.

So that's pretty much it. Enjoy!

-William and Nick

PS, one more helper:
Say you find a page with a sweet image, but you can't get the image alone as the .jpg URL, just an html page. Right click the image and choose "Properties" and it gives you the image URL. If you are using Firefox like me and kick ass, then right click an image and it says "Copy image Location" or something. But if you are lame like Nick and using whatever else, follow the latter.
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